Native Chicken - Pinikpikan anyone?

Who says we don't have any native chicken? Yes we do!  Mexicans do love native chicken too.  It's on a Sunday, we decided to look for that place where a mexican raise chicken.  We all know that it's not allowed to raise poultry in our place. Yeah, Mecca is being improved and eventually be a BIG city.  I am now witnessing a place that is being developed. I will post the picture soon how the area I first witnessed wouldn't be developed.

The place is located on Hwy 74 near school, and it's located where the trailer houses are located.  Its far from the city so, it's allowed to raise domesticated animals in this place. They got goats and chickens.  I don't know if somebody is raising pigs also. We never know.

 each chicken costs $12 and if they will dress it you will add $2

 sleeping chicken...hoping she won't be picked
cleaned chicken which is good for a 2 months consumption.

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